Sunday, March 29, 2009

fabulous blog / fabulous addictions

My good blog pal Processing Counselor gave me a Fabulous Blogger award. Thanks PC!

Here are the rules associated with this award:

You must pass it on to 5 other Fabulous Bloggers in a post. You must include the person who gave you the award, and link back to them. You must list 5 of your Fabulous Addictions in the post. You must copy and paste these rules in the post. Right click the award icon and save it to your computer, then post with your own awards.

Alrighty, here (in no particular order) are 5 of my "fabulous addictions". Although wouldn't the word "hobby" suffice? That sounds healthier than 'addiction'. But I digress.

1. Like Processing Counselor, I'm going to have to say BOOKS -- both regular 'paper' books and electronic books on my Kindle.

2. My bike -- it's my main form of exercise.

3. Tall skinny vanilla lattes. They are yummy, what can I say?!

4. 30 Rock.
Great writing; quirky humor! What's not to like?

5. Photoshopping Presbyterian Gal's head on whatever strikes me as potentially amusing. (OK, so maybe this one is more addiction that hobby!!)

And here are 5 fabulous bloggers!
Presbyterian Gal
Hot Cup
Diane at Faith in Community
Rev SS


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh PG as a brunette... different indeed! she's so versatile... it's all that theater background she has... goodness! and i bet you could hook her up with colored contacts too...

Barbara B. said...

...or at least some Tina Fey glasses! :)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Wow! I get an Award AND to be Tina Fey!

I am the luckiest girl on earth!!


Purple said...

These are great and many thanks for including me in the invite. I'll hope to post my "fab five" soon...lots going on which is taking mega-energy.

Jennifer said...

What a fabulous list and fabulous set of awards!!!!

Jan said...

Congratulations. You are so clever with pictures--I have no idea how you do so many creative things! I'm with you on BOOKS!

Rev SS said...

Okay ... I posted mine ... even tho' my blog can't hold a candle to yours or other recipients of this award