Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy B-day to a really GREAT guy!

Offspring #2 turns the big 2-0 on Sunday. So let's get the party started a little early! Please join me in wishing him a very Happy Birthday!

Here's Offspring #2 over winter break:

And, of course, you knew I couldn't resist a video slideshow!


Presbyterian Gal said...

*Ahem* *tap conducters wand*

"Happy Birthday to You,
Young Offspring Number Two,
You have a great family
And a real nice smile too!

Happy Birthday to you
Now your 20 I hear!
Enjoy lots of parties!
But cha still can't drink beer!"

Happy Day!!


dust bunny said...

Not a poet, but I'm still wishin' you a happy, happy birthday, Mr. Cutie.

And how well I remember that two-seater stroller!

offspring #1 said...

The cutest little brudder!!!

Jan said...

So cute. Happy Birthday!

David said...

That was a very nice slideshow, thanks for making it! :) And thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! Nice song, PG ;)

Barbara B. said...


By the way, David, via facebook Rev SS said: "HAPPY B'DAY O # 2!!!"

mompriest said...

Nice - Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

HI Barb,

I'm so behind on blogs lately and finally doing a little catch up. As always, I LOVE what you do with these's so clear that you and hubby have been blessed with a very loving relationship with all of your family...

What a wonderful birthday gift to handsome #2 in your life. I hope his day was purely joyful.