Wednesday, March 4, 2009

plan b

The RevGalBlogPals "Big Event 2.0" is coming up next month (April 16-19) in Arizona. Sunny skies, nice retreat -- it should be great. However, I'm not able to go.

So, I think I'm going to put on my own "Little Event 1.0" -- probably rainy skies, movie and pizza at the Kelso Theater Pub on Friday, April 17th. (I'm not sure what movie will be playing, but who cares?!)

Who's with me? (Even if you don't live in the area, I'm sure it would be totally worth it to fly in.)

googled the pic


Presbyterian Gal said...

Dang! I cannot do either event. Could you Photo Shop me onto the bartender at the Pub?

dust bunny said...


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh my goodness... sounds wonderful... but for big churchy event on sunday april 19, that they want "the pastor" there for... *sigh*... have fun!

and...garbage puff & hillary do have some similar game-face features...

Rev SS said...

What fun! Great idea. I'm there ~ in person (assuming no emergencies here)!

Barbara B. said...

PG, OK, you will be there via photoshop!
DB, I am taking "Wooohooo!" as a yes.
hot cup; darn!
Rev SS -- Yay! See you there!

Purple said...

Dang supply preaching on the 19th. Enjoy.