Wednesday, August 20, 2008

aug 20 -- it's my birthday!

Woohoo! And you're invited to my bloggie b-day party. As you can see, I had Presbyterian Gal bake me a cake. (I was hoping she'd write me a birthday poem, but I didn't win her dang contest. Sigh.)

Anyway, have a piece of cake!


David said...

Haha, very nice. Happy Birthday! It looks like Presbygal posed very nicely for this picture.

Barbara B. said...

thanks david, you are officially the first one to wish me a happy birthday, so you get an extra big piece of cake :)

(hope presbygal is a good cook!)

Diane said...

Happy happy day!!! have a great celebration!

dust bunny said...

Happy b-day!!

Presbyterian Gal said...

There's a hush in the air,
All eyes turn toward the door
To await the entrance
of the day's birthday girl

We all huddle and scrunch
in the closet so close
as the front door creeps open
we burst out! Some bumping their nose

We shout giddy from lack of air
And the surprise is on us....
It's not you standing there!

Why it's a burglar named George
holding an empty burlap bag
standing before us, mouth agape
and my finger starts to wag

"Shame shame on you, sir,
trying to ruin Barb's day
with your evil brown bag
to take presents away"

We then tied the man up
and in the closet did toss
his nefarious self so you'd
never know loss!

And when you finally arrived,
such a fine party we had.
And you danced all the night
Never knowing about George the Bad!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you enjoy the broccoli cake! We're counting calories here now, you know.

Songbird said...

Happy Birthday!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Happy, happy birthday. I was going to warn you that PG is on a healthy eating kick but she beat me to it.

Rev SS said...

It isn't every day
A birthday comes your way
But, here's to you dear friend
may the good times never end!

(not nearly as long or clever as PG's ... but, best I can do in the time available ... hope you have a SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC B'DAY!

mompriest said...

Oh, happy happy birthday!

David said...

On second thought, maybe I won't have that extra big cake... :S

offspring #1 said...

;/ vbjkiu

I was just reading the comments on your birthday blog, about to leave one of my own, when I stepped into the kitchen to get something out of the microwave. When I returned, Tumnus was in the process of typing you the message above. I think it is supposed to be a winking emoticon followed by "happy birthday to you" in cat language. Anyway, we're both thinking of you :)

Barbara B. said...

Wow! Birthday wishes! POETRY! Cats typing!!! What more could I want?!

(Well, maybe a chocolate cake instead of a broccoli one...) :)

p.s. PG, Should I let George out of the closet now?? :)

Jan said...

Happy, happy birthday! I've been wanting something sweet--so glad there's cake!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Only if he's ready to come out of the closet.....

Laura said...

Oh Barb! Thank you for saving me a back is to you. Had a grrrrrrrrrreat time too!

Happy Birthday!

(why wasn't GP at your party?)

Barbara B. said...

laura, glad you could join us! :)

GP arrived fashionably late, so he didn't make the picture. ;)