Tuesday, August 26, 2008

garbage puff's hillary party

Yesterday Garbage Puff came up with the idea of having a "Hillary Party". He thought it might be fun to have pizza, eat ice cream, wear weird hats, and watch Hillary Clinton's convention speech.

Me: Gee, Garbage Puff, I don't know if I'll be up for that after a long day at the clinic.

Garbage Puff: It'll be fun. I'll do all the decorating. All you have to do is show up. C'mon -- girl power and all!

I'll admit, the "girl power" thing got me, so I agreed. And true to his word, Garbage Puff had the house all decorated and made funny hats. (My mom, a McCain supporter, wouldn't wear a Hillary hat. But she did eat the pizza.)

I really liked the intro video narrated by Chelsea Clinton. If you didn't get a chance to see it, it's worth watching:
youtube link here

And, I thought Hillary's speech was great.
text here

Now if Garbage Puff will clean up the mess, I'll have it made.


offspring #1 said...

Haha Grandma's face combined with her sign is priceless :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That Garbage Puff is quite a guy. It looks like a rocking celebration.

dust bunny said...

GP comes up with the best ideas!

David said...

Haha, I believe I spot my Allen and Associates: Better Homes and Gardens little league baseball hat being used to support Hillary! ;)

Is that Hillary's face posted on Rosie the Riveter? Pretty funny, lol, good job decorating!

mompriest said...

Oh, I wish I had come to that party...I too thought her speech wa fabulous...and all the more so because as tough as it must have been she said it all so well!

Barbara B. said...

offspring #1: yeah, grandma was cute! :)

david: indeed that is your little league baseball cap -- it never looked so good as with a Hillary button on it! :)
and yes that is hillary as rosie the riveter

mompriest: actually I thought of you! wish you could have come!! :)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh dear... i missed it all. well... i'm in the good old fashioned undecided camp entirely... so maybe parties are off limits to us? hmmm....

Barbara B. said...

hotcup, we would have been happy to have you at the party!

we would have even served some goooooooooood coffee just for you!