Monday, August 25, 2008

tumnus tales

Since I was a little "preachy" on the blog yesterday, I'll balance it out with some light-hearted kitten pics today (courtesy of Offspring #1).

Mr. Tumnus had a "kitten play date" last week. Here he is (on the left) playing with his new friend Kingsley. I think they are playing "King of the Hill". Go, Tumnus, go!

Ooh, too bad, Tumnus. Looks like Kingsley came out on top:

Tumnus will get him next time...


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This made me smile. It's too cute.

Laura said...

Very cute! BTW, I don't find you preachy at all! You didn't miss your calling.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

is the world goin' to the cats? the feline supremacy? oy! mocha java must send for reinforcements!!!

Barbara B. said...

thanks ruth & laura! :)

and yep, hot cup, the world is goin' to the cats! :)