Saturday, August 2, 2008

blogger meetup!!!

Hmm... but does it "count" if the bloggers knew each other "p.b." (pre-blogging)? And if they used to live in the same city?

In any event, I had a meetup with the camera-shy Rev SS yesterday. (Maybe I should have been more camera-shy. Looks like I was having a bad hair day.) We did a little shopping, a lot of talking, and too much eating. :) She now lives in a place where it is akin to living in a vacation spot:

Yep, pretty darn nice!

Addendum to original post: Here's more! (Click on picture to enlarge it.)


Rev SS said...

Very fun day! I think it counts as a blogger meet up ... we're blogger and we met up ... right?

(and your hair really looked very pretty yesterday ... even if this picture doesn't capture that well :))

Barbara B. said...

LOL! Thanks. :)
Yes, it was a very fun day!

Diane said...

yay! great meetup! I want to meet both of you someday!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Why I would never be able to work if I lived there. I'd spend all day on or looking at the water!

Yup, counts as a blogger meet up.

Rev SS said...

love the addendum ... and looking forward to meeting up with you too, also, D & PG!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

How fun.

And did you change your header again? It's more monochrome and shows a different perspective.

Is it the view as seen from your bike on the road?

Barbara B. said...

A multi-blogger meetup would be great fun!

Ruth, Yes, I have 3 headers actually! And, this does look like it could be the view from my bike on the road :)

dust bunny said...

Mighty fine blogger meet up....and I like the new header.