Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lord Waldemart

My parents owned a small town drug store when I was growing up, so I'll admit I have a bit of a bias against the big box stores. And, I'll further admit that I am not an expert on economic matters -- I realize the global economy is complex. However, having made those admissions... I'll still express my opinion that WalMart's practice of having thousands of teens work as unpaid baggers in their Mexican stores is stinky! (I just read that story today here.)

Newsweek reports that "19,000 youngsters between the ages of 14 and 16" work at WalMart stores in Mexico after school for tips only, and it's legal because the kids are said to be "volunteering" their services to WalMart. However, "some officials south of the U.S. border nonetheless view the practice as regrettable, if not downright exploitative." Amen to that. Geez, couldn't WalMart take a higher road?!

While I'm on my WalMart tirade, check out this cool and funny Harry Potter spoof on WalMart:
(Found it at Jane Ellen's blog.)


marie said...

Just another reason why I try very hard to NOT support Walmart. (but a VERY funny spoof!!!!!)

Presbyterian Gal said...

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Totally stole the video link. Dropped your name.

Mischief managed.

Diane said...

ok I'll have to do this when I get home and I can play the video...

and my brother works for Target

So I don't go to Walmart (oops... almost said Walmort...)

and I think their policy stinks.

Jan said...

LOL--that spoof makes me want to boycott more than the plain info I usually read, though your post about unpaid Mexican youth is dreadful. Thank you for posting both the message and the video.

mompriest said...

I am NOT a WalMart fan. And I have big issues with the global economy that encourages this kind of exploitation of "workers." It we want to really address the "problem" of immigration and undocumented folk, then we need to first address the way global industries pay the local folk who do their labor. Whether this is coffee growers making a living wage (ie Fair Trade coffee) or "employees" of Walmart or all the many other companies that do this. Let's tackle the problem at its real source, I say.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Uhm yes the colossial home of cheap crap made in china... oh I mean Walmart... yeah we don't shop there. period.

Barbara B. said...

Thanks, everyone, for your great comments!!!

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