Sunday, July 22, 2007

inspirational quote of the day

"It never hurts to help!"
-- Eek! the Cat

(Of course this statement always preceded the cheery, thoughtful cat getting totally mangled while trying to 'do good', but we won't think about that...)


marie said...

Reminds me of Shel Silverstein's poem which ends with, "and some kind of help is no help at all."
Anyway...VERY INSPIRATIONAL...ya just made my day. I'm gonna go out and help someone!! :)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

well the cat is right on that account... and as for mangling well how does it go again "far better to have helped and be mangled than to never have helped at all?" (hee hee)

Jan said...

Words of wisdom...thanks!

Diane said...

cats ARE inspirational,aren't they?

Presbyterian Gal said...

"Especially when treats and skritches are involved" said my cat Callie, the main cat.

Lucy, the best cat, just rolled her eyes and kept folding laundry.

Barbara B. said...

gotta love that lucy!