Sunday, May 3, 2009

garden '09

Yesterday afternoon Hubby and I planted our little garden. I had gone to the local farmer's market in the morning and picked up some starter plants: tomatoes, cauliflower, peas, potatoes, and onions. Plus we've got rhubarb from last year. Hmm... That's kind of a weird assortment now that I think about it.

In any event, we had a bluebird that was very happy we were working in the garden because we brought up some earthworms for him to eat. (Click to enlarge)

And here's Marble mentally calculating if he has enough time to make it from the side of the house to the garden before the bird flies off:

(Marble decided, "Nah.")


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Smart cat. Hooray for gardening. And I love the new header. (Just don't tell me it's been up there for weeks)

dust bunny said...

RhuBarb....excellent. :)

Purple said...

Good observation Dust Bunny!

A sure sign of spring...putting in the tomatoes etc.

Love Marble.

Rev SS said...

That Marble is so handsome ... and so wise! Love him. And, love the picture of the Blue Bird! You be very good to stir up worms for her!

David said...

You can tell by the look in Marble's eyes that he's thinking about it :)

Barbara B. said...

Haha, yes, he was definitely pondering the moves. :)

(RevSS, Marble thanks you especially for the "handsome" remark.)