Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ooh, ooh, it's a contest!

About two years ago I saw and blogged about a car sporting a "billboard-style" bumper sticker with this theological message: "Jesus abhors all faith for it seems good but is lies that damn you to death in hell." (Hmm... ok, that's a head scratcher.)

Then last week Hubby and I drove up to Olympia to attend a dinner and continuing education class and spotted this new billboard-on-wheels:

What the frick?! This is even weirder than the other one (and that was hard to do).

I decided a prize will be awarded to the person who best explains the meaning of this new cryptic theo-message to me. (Or takes the best whack at it.)

What prize, you ask? Why, it's an excitin' Views from the Road mug!

But don't let that discourage you from entering! :)


David said...

It's helpful to separate what is written into 5 distinct sentences.

1. Jesus is God in us all.

2. Faith hates truth

3. We die divided against our God if we have faith.

4. Jesus isn't us and doesn't love us all as his self.

Taken together with the previous message of 5. Jesus abhors all faith for it seems good but is lies that damn you to death in hell," you can start (or at least attempt) to get an idea.

A stretch to say the least:

They are against faith, (based on 2,3, and 5) so they are maybe nonreligious, or at least not conventional Christians. Since they are against faith, and faith hates truth, they are for truth - a truth based on reason and facts, not faith. Faith and religion are led by fallible humans and get in the way of the larger truth. If we drink the Kool-Aid of faith so to speak, we will go against the moral teachings of Jesus and God and instead give in to ridiculous fundamentalist "Christian" ideas that are unethical (anti gay marriage), etc. Jesus is not us, is not in us, and is not everywhere. He was a mortal. God (if such there be) is in all of us, and connects us all. So, God is everything, and everything is one. Jesus is misunderstood to be in us all when he really isn't - Jesus is just God in us all. Since God is in us all and is everything, there is nothing to worship. So, there is no need for faith.

Processing Counselor said...

I was going to try, but Cavid said it so well, I'm just going to have to buy my mug!

dust bunny said...

dang. I really wanted that mug.

Barbara B. said...

David is off to an early, impressive lead! Yet who will try to wrestle that mug away from him? (Cue dramatic music...)

Rev SS said...

Even before David's excellent answer, I was prepared to say ... love the mug, but the price is too high :)

Lorette said...

Hmm. I think David gets the mug. But here's my explanation: they're off their meds.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

"off their meds"... bwaahhaaaaaa that cracks me up!

mompriest said...

Unless I missed this in his comment, David is correct up until point 4 - which actually begins with an IF - Jesus isn't in us IF we have faith - therefore faith is the issue here....

I actually think what the person is saying here is that religion has distorted God and Jesus. People who are religious care more about their religion (read "faith") and less about whether or not they are living according to what God would desire - and as a result they have lost the truth. If you turn this around it appears to mean that God's truth means for us to be "undivided, united, one" and perhaps through that (?) we will find truth ....But when we focus too much on "Our Jesus", or "Our" faith we lose it all...

Barbara B. said...

Last call for comments (and last chance to win the mug)! :)

I will post the winner tomorrow (Thurs.) night!

dust bunny said...

My last chance...How's this..
Big Old Bumper + English as a Third Language = Record # of "HUHH?!?"s.

David doesn't need a mug.
David has to move to new digs.
David hates to pack.
Therefore, David should let DB have the rackin' frackin' mug.

Christina said...

Haha, I vote for dust bunny :)

dust bunny said...

Thank you, Christina. (and, by the way...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)