Wednesday, May 6, 2009

postcard post #2!

Here's another old postcard I like. It's the Bird Eye view of Eldred, Minn. I usually think of a bird's-eye view as something being seen from above, but apparently this little bird was on the ground getting a panoramic view of the bustling metropolis of Eldred.

The postmark is January 1909. (That's cool because my grandmother would just have turned 3 years old then!)

Here's J.L.'s note to her brother in Tacoma: (I'm assuming J.L. is female.)

I am in Eldred today. I am well.

Yeah, short and sweet! (What else do you really need?!)


David said...

I wonder when they started using zip codes... They just put the city and state.

Those are pretty cool to look at :)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

wow... if you took that building on the left, multiplied it about 5 -6 - 7 times on each side of the street, you'd be in boonieville!

Barbara B. said...

David, I actually remember (at least approximately) when zip codes started! It was sometime during the groovy 60's.

HotCup, yep, I get that!
I might have mentioned I grew up in a bit of a 'boonieville' myself (population 1500 when I was there).

David said...

Workin' on a groovy thing. Far out, thanks!

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

This is an exquisite postcard and I admire the way you've narrowed your collecting focus so early in the game - ahh, if I could have that discipline!
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Happy postcarding,
Evelyn in Montreal