Monday, May 11, 2009

mystery solved!

Last week I posted about the upcoming local Bike to Work Week, and the fact that they were going to be handing out goody bags for bike commuters on Monday morning at the hospital (which is fortuitously located on my route to work).

All week I wondered with my keen Nancy Drew mind: Would I actually get a goody bag or would they run out before I got there? What would be in the goody bag? Would there be cool things or would it contain mostly coupons?

So I took my bike to work this morning and stopped by the hospital as planned.

At last! The Secret of the Old Goody Bag has been revealed. It contains:

--a water bottle (plastic--boo! yet recyclable--yay!)
--a bike tire repair kit
--a refrigerator magnet on the ABC's of a healthy life
--a trail map
--a 10% off coupon at Vernie's Pizza

I'll bet Bess and George are green with envy.


mompriest said...

I think I'll ride my bike to work...oh, wait...I don't have a bike last bike was just a cheap ol thing we got for me to ride with our kids whenthey were little...we left it in Chicago, neither the gears nor the brakes really worked anymore...

must get one.

Purple said...

Yep...I think Bess and George would love to have what you got.

Side Note on your last post: I was at a conference with Borg and Crossan and they presented the ideas etc in their book. So very good and so very needed to hear today. Glad you got to read their book.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Will you share with Ned?

dust bunny said...

Overheard as the chums motored out of River Heights...

George, the boyishly attractive young woman said, "I was so hoping the Goody Bag would contain the latest in athletic footwear."

Bess, the plump, yet pretty blonde with a taste for tempting delights, remarked sorrowfully, "What?? No chocolate?"

Barbara B. said...

mompriest, sounds like you need a new bike :)

purple, I am envious that you got to hear Borg and Crossan! I loved the book!

pg, I will not share with Ned as he insists on taking his roadster to work.

dust bunny, LOL -- you DO know your Drew!

David said...

this should be your theme song

Barbara B. said...

Hahaha, David!
That's great -- I had forgotten all about that song!

Diane said...

I would love to get a new bike and bike around this summer.

Thinking about whether we can afford it...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh my. I just love the idea of tips on a healthy life accompanied by a pizza coupon. What deduction would Nancy Drew draw from that?